Tuesday on tour, Winter 2017

 Part 1 – Dinosaur Pile-Up – Leeds Brudenell Social Club

Hello friends!  Hope you’re having a fabulous winter and that music is keeping you warm in these cold months.  My summer is usually all about festivals, but come the winter time the festivals make way to more intimate gigs at clubs, cosy venues and cute city halls. 

The first of the winter boredom beating gigs was Dinosaur Pile-Up at Leeds Brudenell Social Club.  They played a fabulously stomping set of 17 songs to an over-packed crowd. Among the set were songs off their first E.P and early songs that the hometown crowd enjoyed.  Popular songs in the set included the lyrically beautiful White T Shirt And Jeans, Friend Of Mine, Red And Purple and Nature Nurture. 

The audience was full of adoring fans which included a LOT of females who were fluttering their eyelashes at the band.  Although the flutters were for the whole band, singer and front man Matthew Bigland was getting a lot of attention from the ladies.  His good looks and image not dissimilar to Kurt Cobain, definitely didn’t go unnoticed and he had a great voice.  I would have normally joined the ladies with the fluttering, but I found myself distracted by his stoop over the microphone which got me thinking he needed a back massage! 

Despite my empathy for the beautiful leader I danced a lot as I had looked forward to the gig forever and made it to the front. 

Excellent support came from Demob happy and fizzy blood.

Tuesday 2017